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Ryan Werre

A true believer that real estate is the world’s greatest industry, Ryan took a unique path to the business. Formerly a professional golfer, he captained the NCAA Division 1 college golf team and later turned pro. After navigating the hardships of professional golf, he transitioned to a corporate 9-to-5 role but felt unfulfilled building someone else’s dream.

Intrigued by real estate as a means to financial freedom, Ryan persuaded his boss to let him get a real estate license. What started as a “side gig” quickly transformed into a thriving career. In his first year alone, he closed 27 deals, surpassing his corporate salary. By the third year, he had tripled his income, doing 70 deals and eventually leaving his corporate job.
Now a Team Leader with the Atkinson Team with eXp Realty, Ryan is passionate about sharing the lessons he’s learned. Married for five years and a new father, he not only leads a team serving all of Southern Alberta but also coaches agents on lead generation, best practices, and achieving higher commissions. Golf remains a lifelong passion, with a goal to win 100 tournaments.

Fueled by an unwavering enthusiasm for real estate, Ryan is on a mission to help others live bigger and better lives. As a community builder, his promise is simple: he will never ask a Team Leader or Agent to do something he hasn’t done or isn’t willing to do with them. Rise and grind!

Courtney Atkinson

Courtney Atkinson, CEO of the Atkinson Team at eXp Realty and leader at Real Estate Growth Solutions (REGS), is a real estate innovator and coach.

As a sought-after Team Leader Coach, Courtney collaborates with industry giants, shaping the careers of real estate professionals. Leading the Atkinson Team, he’s achieved remarkable success, with 50+ agents across three markets, closing 3,500+ property home sales, totaling a billion dollars in sales volume.

Courtney’s coaching expertise goes beyond teams, navigating markets with resilience. His approach balances systemization and accountability with creating a supportive team environment—a unique blend of science and art.

Core to his philosophy is fostering personal and organizational change. His transformative coaching empowers clients to unlock their potential, championing authentic leadership principles. Courtney’s vision extends through partnerships with experts, guiding REGS clients to become industry leaders.

Courtney, a real estate visionary, inspires growth and excellence in every professional he coaches.

Melanie Meier

My mom was an absolute rock star and my little brother was, and continues to be my best friend. We didn’t have a lot of money, but we had togetherness, love and great senses of humour.

Having experienced childhood sexual abuse, and then moving into a Catholic school where there were no other divorced families was difficult, to say the least. I was already extremely scared, shy, and vulnerable. To say my Catholic school experience was challenging would be an understatement. Consequently I was bullied from grade 1 through 12. Fortunately I had my little brother, and he always protected me.

In persuit of justice, in grade 5, I decided to be a lawyer, so I could eventually become a Crown Prosecutor, then a Judge. For years I hung onto that dream as I sought desperately to be able to help others who had also had their safety ripped from them. In university I learned that changing the legal system and our governing laws was a very difficult and unlikely process.

t  age 18 I had finally had enough of being shy and feeling vulnerable. Although it took years to learn boundaries, I made it my mission to first find my voice, then use my voice. I went to the University of Lethbridge for a BA in History, and then off to the University of Leicester for an MA in History.

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